Management Team

Our management team has extensive experience in all areas of employee benefits including planning, implementation, and administration. Our team extends your reach by providing you with administrative and product expertise that reduce your costs and your administrative hassles.

Becky Patel, CEO/President

Becky provides the vision that fuels CoPower’s growth. She is dedicated to linking brokers and employers with services that would significantly reduce their benefit paperwork and enhance their insurance benefits. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Becky is attuned to the changing needs of employers and their employees, determined to provide products and services that will fit the current market.

Mona Mehta, Director of Product & Portfolio Management

Mona joined LISI in 1987 and was instrumental in shaping several departments as the company grew. Because of her proactive involvement, she has cultivated a unique understanding of the granular functions, needs and requirements of numerous areas of the business. With over two decades of experience in quoting, marketing, underwriting, IT and broker support, she has evolved into an innovative leader with a passion for delivering the best in quality services and solutions. Mona has also held the positions of Director of IT and Operations Manager at LISI as well as Director of Operations at CoPower. Her background in both technology and process management are certain to help CoPower lead the way as the number one source for innovative products and services.

Pratibha Patel, Business Development, Senior Manager

Pratibha is the driving force for educating, promoting, and creating opportunity for CoPower. At the company’s heart, she’s focused on the flow of sales and marketing strategies; market and product opportunities; vendor and carrier partner relationships; incentives; sales support; and everything that makes CoPower strong. Since 2001, Pratibha has built a solid body of expertise and involvement with the company through HR, underwriting and broker sales support, product research and development, and marketing roles. Dedicated to growth, she conducts CE courses in California, and even teaches classical Indian dance in her spare time. You’ll sometimes hear her say: “promote, educate, and thus, preserve”.

Valerie Henderson, Senior Administrator & Carrier Liaison

Valerie has been with CoPower since its inception, and has been a key player in developing the products, services, and capacity that enable the company to serve more than 5,800 employers. She has extensive experience with a variety of carriers and provides CoPower with the product insight that best serves the the employers’ needs. Valerie’s goal for CoPower is to insure that the brokers and groups receive the best customer service that a third-party administration can provide.