Coverage for Every Budget

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Voluntary ancillary plans provide the perfect solution for brokers looking to offer exceptional coverage options to their clients on a budget.  CoPower offers 100% employee-paid dental, vision, and life plans that perfectly balance rich benefits with affordable premiums. We encourage you to remind them of our wide variety of options including: 2 Delta Dental of California Voluntary PPO plans 3 …


Have You Picked ONE™ Yet?

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With CoPower ONE™, you always know what you’re going to get. Comprehensive coverage at an affordable, fixed price per employee. Customers receive a simplified package of incredibly popular ancillary offerings (dental, vision, and life) underwritten by nationally recognized industry leaders including Delta Dental, VSP and Unum. Learn More About CoPower ONE™  

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Stand Out.

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Did you know that 48% of employees would change jobs for more benefits?1  That’s half of the workforce, and certainly proof that the benefit package employers offer makes a huge difference in how they stand out with potential candidates in the marketplace (or existing employees for that matter). At CoPower, we believe in providing whole and complete benefit packages.  We …

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A Little Benefit. A Lot of Protection.

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Most people don’t think about the need for long-term disability insurance until it is too late.  In fact, many people believe that they are adequately covered through Worker’s compensation benefits…but the truth is, only about five percent of accidents or illnesses are related to the workplace1, according to The Council for Disability Awareness. Let’s take a look at another theory.  …

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We Double Dog Dare You

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Go ahead, pick ONE™ and enjoy the certainty of comprehensive, affordable coverage that you can depend on like a best friend. Packaged with top plans from leading ancillary carriers, and delivered at a set price for a combination of Dental, Vision and Life plans that add up to one simple solution. Go Ahead. Pick ONE™  Contact your LISI Sales Representative for …

CoPower is Going Green

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As Earth Day approaches, we at CoPower want to contribute by launching a Go Green initiative. We’re in an office at work, as you are most likely. Looking around, there’s significantly a lot less paper on desks than there was a decade ago. Thinking about the environmental impact of paper — deforestation, air pollution, water pollution etc. — going paperless …

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Pick ONE™

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You don’t need luck to find the perfect plan. CoPower ONE allows customers to enjoy the certainty of a comprehensive, affordable solution, all at one fixed price per employee. This simplified package features robust plans from trusted carriers, including Delta Dental, VSP and Unum Have you Picked ONE™ yet?  Contact your LISI Sales Representative for details on CoPower ONE today!


Upcoming MetLife Webinar

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Metlife – Register Friday, March 24, 2017 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT Contracts, Costs & Creativity: How to examine Dental contracts to get the most value for your clients! CoPower and MetLife are joining together to bring you an informative webinar that will help you better understand what to look out for when you are comparing dental contracts. This short-but-info-packed webcast …

Smile Baby

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There is probably no greater joy than that derived from seeing a smile on a child’s face. At CoPower, we believe in providing products and services that protect those joys for our clients. Caring for healthy smiles starts early! Q: How soon should parents take their child to the dentist? A: As soon as that first tooth appears. According to …