Exclusive Travel & Entertainment Discounts


CoPower has teamed up with Wild at Work to gain exclusive access to discounts not usually available to the public. Wild at Work specializes in negotiating cheaper rates on entertainment, dining, and shopping. Wild at Work will make your employees’ vacation more enjoyable and affordable! Click above to instantly get access to hundreds of deals!

Sign up now!

Go to www.WildatWork.com and click New User Sign Up. To obtain the company log-in prompt, please refer to your CoPower Administration Manual, or contact CoPower. You may also call Wild at Work Customer Service at 800.767.7657 x110 or email them at customerservice@wildatwork.com.

The Wild at Work program includes discounts on:

  • Disneyland
  • Walt Disney World
  • Six Flags
  • Universal Studios
  • Direct TV
  • Legal Zoom
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Hotel Deals

…and much more!